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Jealous of the air that binds you
I want to be the kiss that finds you
Out of the water of my yearning
Comes the question I am learning:
What is it to love?
Is it the measure of my misery against
    The pleasure of your delight?
Is it melding day with night?
Candles flicker, candles fade
When all our lives are down to laid,
The aftermath of all love made,
What is left?
It is bound to me as surely as my skin
Or boiling with my blood within.
The sparkle of my eyes when wet with tears
Marking the passing of my years
Dances with my courage, plays tag with my fears.
It is the voice behind my laughter,
The muse behind the ever after.
My inspiration, my aspiration,
My desperation…
Not of obsession, nor possession,
But of love deemed or redeemed by Fate.
Existing even in the throes of my hate,
There was always you.

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