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“Treasure in the Sunken Ship”

Where I go, I go alone
You cannot follow me.
I am under the sea.
I am where the sunken ships have gone.

I watch fish chase each other around,
One swallowing the other,
To be swallowed by another.
They scream without a sound.

Within the rotten wood of the ship,
I find old love letters and quills,
But no words or ink wells,
Or the salutation of a lip.

Strange to find feathers here,
Where the birds all have scales.
Strange to find sharks here,
Sailing with the whales.

My fear of heights is gone,
For every wave is a stair,
Every wave is the mermaid’s hair.
I am never alone.

And you, you were with me.
Under the sea, with me.
Hidden by a metaphor,
With me, evermore.

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