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“The Time to Go”

The House of Cards meets the House of Matches.
Didn’t we burn beautifully?
Didn’t we burn the deep blue sea?
Now all that remains are the ashes.

Falling down, tumbling down,
                 Down, down…
The way we stood was misunderstood.
It’s not a matter of could, it’s a matter of would!
It’s all gone to Hell—very well—Hell’s well.
We all fall down, like the Prom Queen and her gown
Going down, like her crown…

The wine’s all drunk, the ship has sunk,
My flowers have withered away.
Only a scent as their freshness went
    Today, yesterday…
Packed into a dusty trunk.
Time to travel—or unravel—
                 Time to go, you know?
What comes fast will not last.
But you could have loved me slow, you know?

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