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“The Phoenix’s Choice”

On the precipice
I stood,
Between this world
Of fire and ice.
I thought I understood.
I held my arms open wide.
And when the wind did not carry me,
But when the wind did not tarry me,
I fell into disgrace.

It was then that I began to hide
Behind my fortresses of granite and stone.
It was there that I shivered all alone,
Coming, coming to my own.
Frozen in my flesh and bone.
But for the hope and my belief,
Dancing to music brought relief,
And somehow, I burst into flame.
I heard You call, I heard You sing.
My questions slept as You came to me.
Light as a feather, You touched everything,
And I felt my name awaken.

You’ve given me the heart of a phoenix,
And the ice was shaken.
Between this world of fire and ice,
I’ll walk alone and not look twice.

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