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Love was surrender of the self
Without having been at war with myself.
It was not a million questions
To tear me apart
But a billion answers
That pieced together my heart.
It was the revelation of a lifelong dream
Where my self, and the errors I’ve made, could be redeemed.
Love was synchronicity of two selves
That could look together at a sunset
—Or a sunrise—
And know its language, and what it means.
It was speaking without speaking
With each ebb and flow of our sighs.
Love was pulling Heaven into our lives.
Love was seeing the magic in an ordinary world,
Or a menial, dull deed.
Love was growing into the most beautiful tree
Out of the smallest seed.
Love was all I knew to give to you.
Love is the voice I heed.
Should you share this reality with me,
Love me back and set me free.

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