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Poems                                                                                                   Comments Here

"Across the Sand's Dune"                                                             Bit of a Blog There

"Autumn Leaves"                                                                              

"The Book of Myself"

"Comedy and Tragedy"



"Donkey and Carrot"

"Dreaming of You, Dreaming of Me"

"Elizabeth Bathory"

"Happily Ever After"

"Happy Birthday, Mother"

"Helen of Troy to Her Husband"

"How am I?"

"Joshua Tree"

"The Kiss"

"Lotus Tree"


"The Miser"

"My Heart is Beating Me into Submission"

"My Lady Mermaid"

"My Most Painful Howl"

"A Nameless Face"

"No Island is a Man"

"The Not-So-Original Sin"

"The Peacock"

"The Phoenix's Choice"

"Starry Night"

"The Storyteller"

"The Time to Go"

"Tomorrow, Mother"

"Treasure in the Sunken Ship"

"Waiting for Beauty"

"When Flowers Die"

"You Know Where to Go From Here"


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