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I mean,
Didja ever notice that
Prince Charming's not Prince  Sincere?
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear...

So, why should I
Stay at home
In my ivory tower
Wasting away, waiting to be saved
When I
Want so much to roam---alone---
(And I've got the power.)

Why should I want to be enslaved,
Trading one monster for another?
A boy, for a mother?
Get out of my hair!
No Rapunzel am I
And no, I don't care!

Besides, when it comes to love
Every man acts
Less like a Prince
And if you want facts,
More like the Gingerbread Man.
"Run, run, run as fast as you can."
It's less than inspiring.
So now I'm conspiring
To bite his head off.

So I
Want to be me
And I
Want to be free
And I'll
Get that "Happily Ever After"
With or without you.

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