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“Dreaming of You, Dreaming of Me”

I am
Yearning again for a kiss on the balcony
The one that stole my birth and sold my future.
Could we lose ourselves in each others’ beauty
Sailing through enigma’s ocean
Washing through each wave’s emotion?
Back and forth, could we reach the shore,
Coming back for more?
Could we put palm to palm and meld our fortunes together
Through light and stormy weather
Shed time’s single feather
Giving me forever?

Please see
That I love you even in the raven’s call
With the heart of twin eagles taking their fall.
Though my soul swims in the freezing dark
Touched by shadows of a lonely shark,
I have you in mind.
I have you to remind
What love was meant to be.
Your truths set me free,
And so I rest beneath the willow tree,
Dreaming of you, dreaming of me.

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