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Mar. 10, 2012: How did that happen?

So much time has passed between my last update and now.  I haven't written a thing, unless business letters or resumes count.  Nothing on poetry lately.  I've taken in two sugar gliders and they've taken up all my time & money.  And then there's work.  And then housework.  Well, you know how it goes!  I've got some new-ish  poetry, of course, but I hesitate to post anything as I would love to win a contest or have it published in a magazine or something, and as you may already be aware, the moment you post anything on the internet, even on your own private website, it's PUBLISHED!  All these people wanting "first time publishing rights".  Really!  You'd think we were talking about marrying off a girl in the Victorian era, not publishing a poem.  But nevermind that.  That's the way things are, and I don't have to like it but I have to accept it.  So, for the time being, no new poems to post.  :( 

Oct. 4th, 2010: Oh, dear God! 

My first update and lo and behold!  Things have changed with Angelfire and now I have to figure out how to make everything work all over again. Or, maybe nothing's changed & I've simply forgotten how to make this program do my bidding!  LOL!  I freely admit I don't know what I'm doing.  I'm laughing at the computer & I have a feeling it's laughing at me right back! 

In other news, I was very nervous at the aforementioned Poetry Slam, stuttered like crazy.  I know I just need more practice.  :)  As for the Atlanta Review, I haven't heard a peep from them so I guess nothing of mine went on to get published in their magazine.  But that's fine.  Perhaps we weren't a good fit for each other, or at least, not right now. 

Currently, you can find me on a website called the Writer's Beat.  I am so very in love with this group!  I dare say I am obsessed.  In fact, it's my new Facebook!  So, if you're a writer & a member of this group as well, shoot me a PM!  You can't miss me.  I'm rebeccarpierce there, too!  XD

Apr. 21st, 2010: Created this website.


Well, I did it.  I finally have most of my poetry up.  Those that haven't been posted haven't been published anywhere yet, so I am not quite comfortable posting them here.  It's not that I fear having my work "stolen" since technically a work is copyrighted at the moment of creation, as every author has their own "voice" it is as easily identifiable as a fingerprint is to its owner; it's that doing so automatically publishes my work and the majority of publishers out there are eager to get "first time rights".  It sort of makes me think of the "olden days" in which virgin brides were so very prized.  Never mind the analogy.  It's just the weird way my mind works.

For upcoming news: I am looking forward to going to my first open mic night Tuesday, Apr. 27th at a local library.  I am a little nervous about this since I have never performed my work in front of an audience before--excluding friends and family.  I am also anxiously awaiting news from the Atlanta Review regarding the status of the poems I sent in their poetry contest, but I suppose I won't hear back from them before August.  I know I didn't make the finals, which makes me rather sad, but if I could get just one of my poems published there, I will be ecstatic!  So, wish me luck!

I hope to eventually put up pictures to go with each individual poem, and also, to put up some of my newer work. 

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